Welcoming our #B2022 Chief Medical Officer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our #B2022 Chief Medical Officer, Dr Katy Guy. Katy is highly experienced in her medical profession and we are pleased to have her on the team ahead of the next Games.

The Chief Medical Officer has a vital role to play and is required before, during and after the Games. Dr Katy will work closely with our Senior Management team in the planning and management of Medical Services for the team at Birmingham. As the lead Team Doctor, Katy’s role will ensure that all medical services are available for Team Wales throughout the Games.

The position of the Chief Medical Officer is very important to the Games and includes numerous responsibilities such as:

Working closely with Senior Management to appoint the team of Doctors, HQ Physiotherapists, and various medical personnel.
Understanding and leading on anti-doping requirements, adopting and promoting the strongest possible stance against doping in sport.
Being responsible for all medical decision making.
Leading, managing and supporting medical staff in developing and maintaining a positive team environment, and ensuring good staff welfare throughout the Games.

Dr Katy Guy graduated with a diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2015 and has always been very determined to gain as much experience as possible within her field of work. Currently a consultant in Emergency Medicine with a special interest in Sports and Exercise Medicine, Dr Katy Guy works across a range of sports including rugby, horse racing, road running, and also works as a consultant for Sport Wales.

Dr Katy Guy has been fortunate to have worked with Team Wales at previous Commonwealth Games, both at Glasgow in 2014 and Gold Coast in 2018. Her experience means that she has a sound understanding of what is expected as Chief Medical Officer, and her hard work and dedication to the role is something that will be hugely beneficial when the team arrives at Birmingham.

Chris Jenkins, Commonwealth Games Wales CEO said,

“Katy is a very experienced Doctor with multiple games experience, and we are delighted to welcome her back into the Team Wales family. It is critical that we have the most efficient and knowledgeable medical team on board to care and support our athletes during the games.

The preparation leading into Birmingham will also be of paramount importance, Katy has already played a key role in ensuring the athletes and the coaches safe return to training and competition during the pandemic, and she will lead Team Wales medical planning for Birmingham22. It’s an exciting time to see our HQ team expand as the weeks and months get closer to the Games.”

On her appointed, Dr Katy Guy said,

"I'm really excited to be joining Team Wales for Birmingham 2022. I'm looking forward to working with all the Team on preparing for the Games and to be part of the support staff to help enable the athletes to deliver their best performances for Wales."

Helen Philips, Commonwealth Games Wales Chair commented,

“We have always been very proud of the calibre of our team both in terms of athletes and support staff. Bringing Katy on board as Chief Medical Officer is no exception. Her commitment to Team Wales and her passion for the Commonwealth Games has been evident during previous games. We know our team are in safe with Katy in this important role.

The variety of challenges the medical staff experience changes hour by hour and I am confident that Katy’s calm personality and skilled experience, as a doctor with significant credentials both inside and outside of the Sporting world will be invaluable to Team Wales. As the countdown to Birmingham narrows down, our support team continues to grow, and we are so pleased to have Dr Katy Guy join us at such a crucial time as our Games planning continues.”

Further appointments will be made over the coming weeks and we look forward to sharing more news with you very soon. If you’re interested in joining Team Wales at Birmingham, please keep an eye on our Vacancies for more information.