Team Wales Announce New Partner

Commonwealth Games Wales today announce PureCyber Limited as a new Official Team and Community Partner over the next four years


Team Wales joins forces with PureCyber, Wales’ largest indigenous cyber security company. This exciting collaboration solidifies PureCyber as Official Team and Community Partner, symbolising a united front in safeguarding Commonwealth Games Wales and showcasing Welsh excellence on the global stage.

PureCyber, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Cardiff, has emerged as an award-winning trailblazer in the cyber security landscape. Renowned for its expertise and innovative solutions, PureCyber empowers businesses worldwide to enhance operational efficiency while fortifying their data against cyber risks.

Damon Rands, CEO PureCyber said “As a business heavily rooted in Wales and we couldn’t be prouder of our new partnership with Team Wales. We provide vital security to organisations, playing a pivotal role in enabling them to understand and stay ahead of cyber-attacks. We are already working closely with Team Wales as they embark on their Commonwealth Games journey. They are leading the way in terms of recognising and mitigating cyber risk and we are very proud to support them on their journey.”

The partnership represents a shared commitment to excellence, resilience, and the pursuit of success. As Team Wales prepares to compete in Trinbago 2023 and beyond, PureCyber’s unrivalled expertise will ensure the protection of sensitive data, bolstering the team’s digital defences against potential threats.

Rebecca Edwards-Symmons, CEO of Team Wales added “It’s fantastic to have PureCyber on board with us. A business which offers key security to organisations like us, helping us understand and stay ahead of cyber-attacks. We look forward to working with them as we enter the Trinbago 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games.’

In addition to its role as the Official Team Partner, Pure Cyber will actively engage with the Team Wales community, promoting cyber security awareness and championing the importance of digital safety through educational initiatives and community-driven programs.

Ceri Maund, Head of Engagement, PureCyber, said “The PureCyber team is honoured to be partnering with Commonwealth Games Wales, an embodiment of Welsh excellence and determination. Together, we will help to showcase the resilience and innovation that make Wales proud.”

With shared values and a collective drive for success, the partnership between Team Wales and PureCyber signifies a monumental step towards ensuring the protection of Welsh sporting organisations and athletes in the digital realm.


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