Board Positions

Outgoing Chair Helen Phillips MBE launches the recruitment process for her successor and various NED positions to join the Board as she and others conclude their terms of office in this cycle.

She stated “ This is a very exciting time for Commonwealth Games Wales and I am extremely proud to have led the organisation for the last 9 years, initially as interim and for last 8 years as Chair. I would like to thank the membership for their unwavering support and the directors past and present who have simply been a pleasure to work with. The role requires a Chair that is passionate about Wales, passionate about sport and an unwavering desire to do the best job possible for our athletes and member sports. We have achieved so much and we have the opportunity to achieve so much more.  Having recently recruited our new CEO Rebecca Edwards-Symmons the first role will be to set the organisation new strategy and build upon the fantastic work our all stakeholders in creating an organisation that presents itself as a major player in leading sport in Wales and the Commonwealth.”

At our recent EGM, with the support of our member sports to update the Articles of Association, we can now further develop the breadth of diverse knowledge and good governance which will ensure we have a balanced skills and knowledge-based board and one primary change is the composition of the Board:

  • 1 x Independent Non-Executive Chair, advertised and appointed by the board.
  • 2 – 6 x Independent Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), advertised and appointed by the board.
  • 3 x Elected Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) nominated and appointed by the membership.
  • 2 x Appointed Athlete Directors (One is our Athlete Commission Chair)

Helen Phillips further stated that “These new roles will play an integral part of the Commonwealth Games Wales future. Commonwealth Games Wales is responsible for preparing and delivering the Welsh Team at the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games. The Commonwealth Games is a multi-national, multi-sport event. Held every four years, it involves the elite athletes of the Commonwealth of Nations. Attendance at the Commonwealth Games is typically around 4,500 athletes. The Chair and NED’s will lead CGW and take an active role in the strategic development for the future at Board level, liaising with key stakeholders and supporting the CGW CEO and executive team. The board is mindful of the transitions of key roles and have been succession planning over the past cycle in preparation for these appointments and elections. The board also intend to ensure effective knowledge transfer support to the CEO and incoming Chair.

The deadline for all roles is the 24th February and you can find the links to all roles below:

For further information:
Non-Executive Directors:
Athlete Representative:

Briff Ymgeisydd Cadeirydd –
Briff yr Ymgeisydd Cyfarwyddwyr Bwrdd Anweithredol-
Briff Ymgeisydd Cyfarwyddwr Anweithredol – Cynrychiolydd Athletwyr