hockey team wales
hockey team wales
hockey team wales

Hockey has been in every Games since its debut in Kuala Lumpur, 1998. It also appeared in the first Commonwealth Youth Games, in 2000.

There was a men's and women’s team in the Gold Coast 2018 Games, winning one game each.

The mens team results were:
Pakistan 1-1 Wales
Malaysia 3-0 Wales
India 4-3 Wales
England 3-2 Wales
South Africa 2-3 Wales

They finished in 9th place!


The women's results were:
South Africa 2-0 Wales
India 2-3 Wales
England 5-1 Wales
Malaysia 1-0 Wales
Wales 1-1 Ghana

Wales won 2-0 in the shootout and finished in 9th place!

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