2018 was Wales best ever Games!

Team Wales managed to equal their medal tally in Glasgow but won an impressive 10 gold medals, making the 2018 Gold Coast Games the most successful in history. Wales finished 7th on the medal table. This Games had the largest ever para sports programme, with swimming, athletics, table tennis, powerlifting, triathlon and marathon included to the programme, and for the first time ever there were an equal number of medal opportunities for men and women. Australia included basketball back into the sports programme, and for the first time added volleyball.

The 2018 Games saw a record breaking number of athletes participate with 6500 athletes from 71 nations, 228 of those athletes were Team Wales!


The 2014 Games were in Glasgow, Scotland with 4900 athletes competing. This Games had the biggest ever number of para medals available (22) with para cycling also added to the sports programme. Team Wales had their most successful Games to date with 5 gold, 11 silver and 19 bronze medals, bringing home a record 36 medals.


For the first time in Commonwealth Games history, India were the hosts. Delhi welcomed 4,300 athletes across 71 nations and, for the first time, archery was added to the sports programme. Team Wales brought home 3 gold, 6 silver and 10 bronze medals, finishing 13th.  


Melbourne, Australia were the hosts for the 4th time, and Team Wales won 3 gold, 5 silver and 11 bronze medals. For the first time in history the Queens Baton Relay visited every nation and territory competing in the Commonwealth Games.


A record 72 nations took part in the Manchester Games, and for the first time, the games were open to athletes with disabilities becoming the only fully inclusive sports programme in history. The para sports were athletics, lawn bowls, swimming, table tennis and weightlifting.

As well as the introduction of para sports, Manchester also added cricket, table tennis and triathlon to the programme. Team Wales won 21 medals in total, finishing 9th overall on the medal table.


The 1998 Commonwealth Games were hosted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These Games introduced Team Sports for the first time. Hockey, netball and men’s rugby sevens were added to the sports programme. Ten-pin bowling was an additional sport at the 1998 Games too.  With 70 nations competing, Team Wales finished in 10th place with 3 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze medal wins.


The 1994 Games saw 2550 athletes from 63 nations travel to Victoria, Canada to compete. Team Wales won 5 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze medals in athletics, shooting, weightlifting, lawn bowls, gymnastics, diving, boxing and cycling, finishing an impressive 9th in the medal table.


The Games returned to Auckland, New Zealand with a new “friendly games” image with a record number of nations competing, and judo was also added to the sports programme. There were a total of 2070 athletes from 55 nations. Team Wales brought home a record breaking number of gold medals – 10! As well as 3 silver and 12 bronze. Their high medal haul put them 6th in the medal table!


Edinburgh held the Commonwealth Games for a second time and introduced synchronised swimming and rowing. Due to a political boycott only 25 nations from an expected 36 took part. A successful games for Wales, bringing home 6 gold, 5 silver and 12 bronze, finishing Team Wales 5th overall.


This was the third time Australia hosted the Commonwealth Games. 1580 athletes from 46 nations competed and Team Wales came 8th overall in the medal table. Team Wales won 4 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals in athletics, weightlifting, lawn bowls and shooting.


The 1978 Games in Canada saw several changes.  It was the third time Canada had hosted the Games and the year that the British Commonwealth Games became the Commonwealth Games, the name which still stands today. Canada introduced the first Games Mascot and added gymnastics to the sports programme. Wales finished 9th from 46 nations, securing 2 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze medals. 


New Zealand secured the hosting rights for the second time. There were 1270 athletes and 38 nations competing in Christchurch.  Wales finished 17th in the medal table with 10 medals - 1 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze.


The 1970 Games in Edinburgh changed its name from the British Empire and Commonwealth Games to the British Commonwealth Games. 1380 athletes across 42 nations took part with Team Wales finishing 12th after securing 2 golds, 6 silver and bronze medal across 4 sports (athletics, swimming, boxing and cycling). 


The Kingston, Jamaica Games saw the introduction of badminton and shooting events. Team Wales won a record 3 gold medals, finishing 11th on the medal table from 35 nations.


In 1962 the Games returned to Australia (Perth). Team Wales won medals in rowing, weightlifting and athletics (2 silver and 4 bronze), finishing 13th in the medal table.


Wales had the honour of hosting the Games for the first time!

For the first time in history Wales were the hosts for the 1958 Games.  With a record 1,100 athletes across 46 nations visiting Cardiff. Team Wales secured 11 medals, finishing 9th in the medal table. The launch of the Queens Baton Relay also began in Wales.


The 1954 Games in Vancouver, Canada saw the British Empire Games become the “British Empire and Commonwealth Games”. A total of 660 athletes from 24 nations took part, with Wales winning 7 medals (1 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze). Wales finished 12th in the medal table.


Due to World War II the next Games were in 1950 Auckland, New Zealand and saw the addition of two new sports - fencing and weightlifting. 590 athletes across 12 nations took part and Team Wales placed 11th on the medal table, winning a silver in swimming.


The 1938 Games saw 460 athletes from 16 nations travel to Sydney, Australia to compete. These Games introduced an additional sport, turning the original seven sports to eight. Team Wales won their first gold medals of the Empire Games in athletics and boxing, including a silver in swimming. Team Wales finished 6th in the medal table.


The 1934 Empire Games took place in London, England. There were 16 nations competing with a total of 500 athletes. Team Wales excelled in boxing, winning 3 silver’s and 1 bronze medal, as well as securing a bronze in Lawn bowls and one in swimming. Wales finished the Games in 9th position.


The first ever Games took place in Hamilton, Canada and was known as the British Empire Games. 400 athletes across 11 nations took part and Team Wales placed 7th on the medal table, with the team having won 2 silvers and a bronze in swimming. Only 7 of the 18 Gold Coast 2018 sports were included; athletics, boxing, lawn bowls, rowing, swimming, diving and wrestling.