Commonwealth Games Wales


Not only is the Bahamas home to some of the world's most superb beaches and coastlines, it also offers top-class sporting facilities that will no doubt impact he Youth Team's performance at the Games.

Athletics and Rugby Sevens - Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium

The stadium was named after former 'track and field' bahamian olympic legend star Thomas A "Tom" Robinson. This world-class facility has been host to many international athletic competitions and championships and has a seating capacity of over 15,000, but has the ability to be expanded to hold 30,000 people. Rugby Seven's will be played on the infield of the athletics track, where $150,000 is being spent on a new grass infield. 

Swimming - Betty Kelly -Kenning National Swim Complex

The Betty Kelly-Kenning National Swim Complex opened up in 2001, and it has an international and CARIFTA certification.

Tennis - National Tennis Centre

The National Tennis Centre is an international approved facility and has been the host site of the Davis Cup and other national and international matches. 

Boxing - Kendal G. L . Issacs Gymnasium

Named in honor of the late former Governor General of the Bahamas, this multi-purposed facility opened in 1990 and has a total seating capacity of 1,500 and is adjacent to the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium. More recently, the gymnasium has recieved a $500,000 upgrade with new flooring, new A/C system, new sound system, new offices and other cosmetic works.

Judo - Loyola all Gymnasium

The Loyola Hall Gymnasium is located on the campus of Aquinas College and has a total seating capacity of 1,800 people.